So now that the election is over. And whether you voted for the president elect or not. I have only this to say. As we move forward in this new era of American history I remind you that America is and always was empowered by its people. Not any elected official or branch of government. We have the opportunity and ability everyday to shape this country as we hope and dream it can be. So when you see anger show love. And when you see hate show compassion. Where there is greed give generously. And where there is pain try to heal. And when there is ignorance or intolerance offer wisdom and acceptance. That is the real America. That is who we are. And hopefully will be. God Bless-

Thoughts about recording

 So after a long hot summer we have completed a few new songs in the studio. It is always a strange feeling when you finish recording. On one hand you feel a sense of accomplishment and pride but on the other hand there is a feeling of complete panic! When you take something you created that was meant to exist as a living form and capture it in a time capsule as a digital form there is a sense that maybe you didn't give it the justice you were hoping to achieve. I feel all artistic expression is susceptible to this. Does a painter have canvas or color remorse? And oh! the poor sculpture artist's work is literally set in stone. That being said I feel as long as you're honest in what you are trying to create the version that you offer the public will be what it should be. Flaws and all. Kinda like us.